About Andrew

Born and raised in Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University, I thought I was going to work on internet proliferation or cellphone technology or something with my Telecommunications degree. Instead I went to London for a little while and landed an internship in the music industry, which became a full time job. I continued down that path after moving to Los Angeles. It was fun… great perks, but no money. I started playing online poker and figured out that it was possible to increase your winrate via studying the game.

Eventually I was earning more money playing on a now defunct poker site, called Bugsy’s Club, than I was at my music marketing job. I started in the micro stakes and made my way up to $10/$20NL utilizing bankroll management the entire way. As the poker site was starting to lose traffic, I made the move to Las Vegas to become a live pro.

I thought I would crush the considerably softer live games, and sometimes I did… but I also made every mistake that a “professional poker player” can make along the way and it resulted in me spinning my wheels for a long time. Having said that, and having experienced those things first hand, I feel like I now know what works and what doesn’t. Well, knowing and applying remain two different animals… But I can truly say that I’ve learned a lot about my personal faults and strengths via the unfiltered feedback professional poker provides you with.

You can usually find me in the live no-limit games around Las Vegas, with the occasional heavy dose of PLO online and a sprinkling of LA poker from time to time. I get a kick out of taking photos of my surroundings and editing them directly on the iPhone, so hit me up on the Instagram. And I plan on writing about the poker grind, travels, and life in general here in blog form. Oh, and I started a little vlog project on YouTube about all of the above.┬áThat’s where you’ll find my most recent adventures.

Thanks for checking me out. Take care.