A+B in SA!

Back in November and December of 2014, Busi took me to her beautiful home country of South Africa. Wanting to share the experience with friends and family, I purchased a GoPro camera just before we made the trip. I went a little nuts with capturing footage. And these videos will be kind of long. But we hope you enjoy. I think our mothers will, at least.

In chapter 1, you’ll see lots of airplanes, some restaurants around Johannesburg, and some of Busi’s best friends, all of whom were fantastic and super kind.



  • 3 years ago

    well now all I wanna do is buy a go pro and go on an adventure. Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  • 11 months ago

    I enjoy the vlog it’s better than the other ones.
    I would like to see all you vloggers in the same 5/10 game
    Colorado is great for fishing just not Texas Holden with 100$ max bet. It seems everyone is in and you can’t scare them. Any suggestions on max 100$ 1-2

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